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    SubjectSuggestion re: [PATCH] Remove Bitkeeper documentation from Linux tree
    On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 11:02:04PM +0200, Daniel Phillips wrote:
    > > That would actually make the development process MORE open than it was
    > > before BK, and might make even non-BK people appreciate BK more simply
    > > because there is a real point to it.
    > Well, it would be more like working in a fishbowl anyway. The part that's
    > missing is the discussion. Just looking at the recent traffic... there's

    Ok. I admit I haven't read through the entire thread. It's a wee bit big
    and painful so excuse me if this has already been suggested but... If
    this is the biggest (or one of the biggest) sticking points then why not
    get BK to email the lk mailing list when there's a patch submitted with
    a desc of the patch and the patch itself (if the patch is over size x
    then a link could be emailed out instead of the patch so as not to
    overly spam ppls mailboxes) and maybe a short email indicating wether
    or not Linus has accepted the patch and it's going in. If that's a bit
    too much email then maybe a summary could be compiled every hour or so
    and emailed out?

    To me this looks like it'd allow those who want to use BK to continue
    using BK and those who don't don't get to miss out on any patches being
    put in and they'll also have the traditional medium of flamage^wfeedback
    that everyone knows and loves easily available to them. This would then
    generate discussion as ppl have the patch shoved under their noses as
    it appears to have been the case before and generally would not disturb
    those who want to use BK as they do now (except via the possible
    consequences that the extra visibility of the patches would provide).

    Anyhow, my apologies if I've babbled (it's 3:15am) and if this has been
    suggested somewhere amongst the 100-150 or so msgs in this thread (I
    only read the first 20-30 at the beginning and a select few in the

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