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SubjectRe: AMD Athlon + VIA Crashing On Disk I/O
We gave up using kt266A chipset motherboards with anything faster than ATA100.
I can reproduce disk corruption within 30 seconds on any of the KT266A
motheroards we've tried that have a highpoint 370/372/372a either onboard
or on the RocketRaid133 controller.
Did not get the corruption when using ATA100 or slower (e.g. promise
fastrak 100 tx2).
Simple program that writes 1.2 gig to a file and reads them back (checking
the value) will find corruption every time on these boards, and I tried 5
motherboards (2 asus, 3 abit).
We switched to Intel I845 chipset and to AMD MPX chipset and haven't seen
the problem.
I thought this problem was linked with the VIA chipset PCI latency issue as
people were having the problem with high speed framegrabbers as well.
Nicolae P. Costescu, Ph.D. / Senior Developer
Stronghold Technologies
46040 Center Oak Plaza, Suite 160 / Sterling, Va 20166
Tel: 571-434-1472 / Fax: 571-434-1478

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