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SubjectRe: Screen corruption in 2.4.18

I have an i840 motherboard with dual 733 MHz PIIIs and a Matrox G400
MAX, and I am also seeing console corruption with 2.4.18. The difference
with me is that I *only* see it when I am using xine (CVS) and the
SyncFB video plugin, possibly the Xv video plugin sometimes too. When I
kill xine, the regular multicoloured rectangle disappears from the console.

Obviously, this isn't something that I would normally notice - I
wouldn't have noticed at all if the CVS xine hadn't locked up on me in
full-screen mode, forcing me to turn to a console to kill it.

A few other things:
- since I have about 1.25 GB of RAM, I have enabled a 256 MB AGP aperture.
- I am using XFree86 4.2, but with the mga.o module that is native to
Linux 2.4.18. I have not installed the Matrox HAL X module.

Whatever is causing this console corruption, it doesn't seem to be a VIA
bug (in my case, anyway).


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