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SubjectRe: Linux needs new leadership.
On Mon, 01 Apr 2002 16:56:29 -0800
Stephen Samuel <> escribió:
> He isn't 'here' here being at work.
> He's "here" (here being in the world). It's quite possible that
> someone on vacation would have the time to take a look at his
> (or her, where he a she) life and decide "You know, this is
> bullshit". Such looking and deciding would then lead to a
> communication such as what we have witnessed here..
> Such a decision having been come to, the magicks of email
> empower a person to be in communication from almost anywhere
> in the world. You may not be aware of such magickal capabilities
> of email. but if that's the case, I would suggest that you are on
> the wrong mailing list.

Oh yes. But I suppose that if he's said he's not going to be here because of vacances,
then I must think that he's not going to send any mail to this list and he's not going to think
in linux for a few days.

> Happy April Fools Day.
> --
> Stephen Samuel +1(604)876-0426
> Powerful committed communication, reaching through fear, uncertainty and
> doubt to touch the jewel within each person and bring it to life.
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