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Subjectprintk in init_module mixing with printf in insmod
I recently upgraded my ppc405 embedded system
from 2.4.2 or so to 2.4.17 or so. I use modutils-2.4.12.
When I insert a nongpl module,
fprintf(stderr, "Warning: loading foo.o will taint kernel\n");
in insmod and the
printk("Hello, world\n");
in the module are intermixed unpleasantly, yielding output like
Warning: loHello,ading foo.o world
will taint kernel

This garbled output makes reading the debugging printk's difficult.

I suppose this isn't terribly important, since printk's are
kind of a no-no in production, and this only affects printk's
in init_module, but it'd be nice to know what
the cleanest way to get rid of the mixing is. Adding a sleep
inside insmod seems heavyhanded. I suppose I could redirect
insmod's output to a file, sleep a bit, and then display the
file... bleah.
- Dan
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