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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Documenation/vm/numa
>> Note that there are two possible ways to define a pfn, in my mind.
>> One would be page_phys_addr >> PAGE_SHIFT. The other would be the
>> offset of the struct page for that page within the mythical mem_map
>> array. I prefer the former, though it probably contradicts everyone
>> else ;-) It's useful to have some way to pass around a 36 bit address
>> inside a 32 bit field.
> A page frame number (pfn) is definitely the former
> (page_phys_addr >> PAGE_SHIFT).

That's how I'd conceptually define it ... unfortunately the latter
also matches for non-discontigmem machines, and it's easy to think of
it that way. I guess it's just everything that says "mapnr" in it that needs
killing then ... I'm off to make some patches.


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