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    SubjectRe: IO performance problems in 2.4.19-pre5 when writing to DVD-RAM/ZIP/MO
    > > The problem is that writing to a DVD-RAM, ZIP or MO device almost
    > > totally blocks reading from a _different_ device. Here is some data.

    Yes I saw this with M/O disks, thats one reason the -ac tree doesn't adopt
    all the ll_rw_blk/elevator changes from the vanilla tree.

    > > DVD-RAM while reading from the (fast) 130GB HDD (benchmark 2) almost
    > > totally blocks the read process. Under 2.4.19-rc5, it takes 14 times

    You'll see this on other things too. Large file creates seem to basically
    stall anything wanting swap

    > > benchmarks 1-4, kernel 2.4.19-pre5 performed much worse than
    > > 2.4.18. The reason may be that the main throughput stems from the
    > > short moments where, for what reason whatsoever, read speed increases

    Fairness, throughput, latency - pick any two..

    > Right fix is different but not suitable for 2.4.

    Curious - what do you think the right fix is ?
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