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    SubjectRe: [COMMENTS IDE 2.5] - "idebus=66" in 2.5.8 results in "ide_setup: idebus=66 -- BAD OPTION"
    Morten Helgesen wrote:
    > Hey Martin (and the rest of you)

    > Now, I do not know the reasons for changing the code that handles "idebus=" stuff in ide.c (except from the fact

    Should be an off by one error there.

    > that it now looks cleaner :) - just thought I should let you know. I do not have the time right now to hunt down
    > the bug(?) and cook up a patch, but if you want me to, I`ll do it later today.

    I would love if you could have a look at it...

    > One more thing, Martin - I compiled a 2.5.8 with TCQ enabled (yep, I`m aware of the fact that this one is _really_ alpha :),
    > and tested it for, oh ... 10 minutes ... the system gave me all sorts of funny responses - segfaults,
    > "inconsistency in" and so on ... would you like me to collect 'funnies' and send them to you ? If so, just
    > give me a hint.

    Thats mostly Jens stuff...

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