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SubjectRe: [prepatch] address_space-based writeback
An update to these patches is at

All work at this time is on

ttd (my current 2.5 things-to-do-list, just for fun)

none of the patches beyond these have even been tested in a week..

The new buffer<->page relationship rules seem to be working
out OK. In a six-hour stress test on a quad Xeon with
1k blocksize ext3 in ordered-data mode there was one failure:
a block in a file which came up with wrong data. There appears
to be a race in ext3 or the patch or 2.5 or something somewhere.
Still hunting this one.

It is all relatively stable now. ramdisk, loop, reiserfs, ext2,
ext3-ordered, ext3-journalled, JFS and vfat have been tested.

minixfs and sysvfs are broken with these patches. They rely
on preservation of directory data outside i_size. Will fix.

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