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SubjectRe: symlink support for sambafs.
On Sat, 13 Apr 2002, K Shyam wrote:

> Hello;
> Does linux kernel have symlink support for sambfs ? I tried doing a
> search on the internet and i obtained a site that gives patches till
> version 2.4.0.The address is :
> Do the latest versions of the kernel have support for symlinks in smbfs ?


> I would like to know whether anyone has experiemented with it before i
> jump into putting my own effort into porting the code that is already present
> to the current kernel.
> Finally is symlinks in sambafs a security hazard and hence it is not
> implemented ?

No, that's not why.

This patch uses its own format to store symlinks in. I know cygwin also
stores symlinks in a special format, and it would be nice if it could use
the same (if possible). It may have been something else I didn't like
about the patch too.

Now there is also a potential conflict with the work being done on the
unix extensions to SMB which allows a samba server to better serve files
to a unix client. This includes symlinks.


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