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SubjectRe: Stolen Memory <- i830M video chip
Hi Josh!

> > It is therefore a OEM BIOS problem. Dell was notified about this a long time
> > ago - I thought they fixed it in the mean time. Try moaning about this to
> > Asus as well...
> this isn't fixed in the new dell C400 laptops (still). however, i argue that
> BIOS problem or no, a solution _does_ exist. there is a 3rd party that
> sells commercial X server drop-ins for new chipsets. one of the guys here
> bought their X server for $40 or so, and now has full-color & -resolution
> without getting a BIOS update.
> so if it's a BIOS problem that can only be fixed by Dell, how were these guys
> able to do the fix? and why can't the open source guys (XFree or Linux kernel)
> seem to do the same?

*sigh* You're not listening to me. The _BIOS_ is the problem. If you don't
use the _BIOS_, you don't have a problem. We (2d3D, Inc. the people who
wrote the driver) are paid to use the BIOS. We have a non-bios setmode, but
were not using it because I'm not allowed to release that source.

I've told people before: If you want it to work, write a non-BIOS setmode.
I'll even give you tips if you try, but that is all I can do. Sorry, life is



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