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SubjectRe: New IDE code and DMA failures

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 06:05:44AM -0700, Ted Deppner wrote:

> In one of my tests the contents /dev/hdh was additionally corrupted (a
> write test to /dev/hdh1) so badly that the partion information changed
> from type 83 to type 3 (Xenix), and the contents of a reiser partition so
> badly damaged that a --rebuild-tree and later a --rebuild-sb to reiserfsck
> didn't restore it to usable. (I put those options in at the request of
> reiserfsck, and I haven't wiped the drive yet if someone would like
> further tests against the reiserfs partition).

We are interested in such a damaged partitions that makes current reiserfsck
to segfault or to incorrectly repair FS (incorrectly in the meaning that
subsequent reiserfsck run finds more errors)
Is this the case with you?

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