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    SubjectRe: More than 10 IDE interfaces
    Bill Davidsen wrote:
    > On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Martin Dalecki wrote:
    >>Baldur Norddahl wrote:
    >>>I have a machine with the following configuration:
    >>>2 on board IDE interfaces (AMD chipset)
    >>>2 Promise Technology UltraDMA100 controllers with each 2 IDE interfaces.
    >>>4 Promise Technology UltraDMA133 controllers with each 2 IDE interfaces.
    >>>This adds up to 14 IDE interfaces. And I just discovered that the kernel
    >>>only supports 10 IDE interfaces :-(
    >>>So I tried to hack the kernel, and I was partially successfull. I changed
    >>>MAX_HWIF from 10 to 14. I made up some major numbers for the extra
    >>In your case if should be changed to 15 there is an off by one error here in the
    >>interpretation of this constant.

    > Anyway, if you have a moment to hint why an off by one error is not
    > biting us on ten drives I'd be interested.

    I think simply (not tested) that MAX_HWIF provides only 9 possible interfaces
    right now.

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