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SubjectRe: Update - Ramdisks and tmpfs problems
Hi Denis,

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
>> I am using a Dual Intel PIII 1Ghz box. When I use a SMP kernel AND
>> do multiple tmpfs mounts (mount --bind /dev/shm/etc /etc; mount
>> --bind /dev/shm/var /var) the machine goes into a reset
>> loop. HOWEVER, when I use a non-SMP kernel and still do multiple
>> tmpfs mounts OR when I use a SMP kernel and do only one tmpfs
>> mount, the machine boots fine. Every once in a while (1 out of 20
>> times?) the machine would boot fine with a SMP kernel and multiple
>> tmpfs mounts. Is this a timing issue?
> Yes, sounds like race. It seems locking isn't quite right in tmpfs.

I am not sure. Could also be bad ram which only triggers under higher
load. I never had instant reboots on my machines due to races, but
only when I had bad DIMMs.

I also have multiple tmpfs instances on my 8-way test box where I
developed and tested tmpfs.

But you could be right. Unfortunately I do not have the time to
investigate further.


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