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SubjectRe: how to write driver for PCI cards
On Thursday 11 April 2002 01:18, Ed Vance wrote:

> > There is a good news (at least for me), my company would like to
> > have a Linux driver for its card. And this great task is mine.
> > So I'm going to write a driver.
> What kind of card is it? serial, SCSI, network? ...

It is a PLC/NC (Programmable Logic Controller) now for Compact PCI.

> > Can anyone give me some online docs about PCI bus? (I found some
> > info about PCI-9050 chip but it doesn't contain what I need.)
> Did you mean PLX-9050 PCI interface chip? This is a widely used chip
> and should have several examples. If your device uses interrupts, you
> will need to know how the kind of interrupt sources (edge, level) and
> how they are connected to the 9050.

Yes it is a PLX-9050. The device uses interrupts, but why should I have to
know that what type of interrupt it is? Until now I haven't found anything
describing it.
I could find out from the docs that it uses memory I/O and everything is done
through a 8K buffer.


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