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SubjectRe: Announce: Kernel Build for 2.5, Release 2.0 is available
New core and common code for kbuild 2.5 is available in

Changes from core-3 to core-4.

GNUism removal.
WISH is exposed in case your wish binary is not in /usr/bin/wish.
awk changed to $(AWK) throughout.
PP_variables added to expose headers and compiler flags that might be
different on on non-Linux build platforms.
Force the use of KBUILD_SHELL instead of relying on a working build
platform shell.
Drop back to getopt if getopt_long is not available on the build
platform, in which case only the single character command flags are
Documentation updates.

*** kbuild 2.5-core-4 runs on Solaris using gcc, gmake, gawk. ***

Would any brave (or foolhardy) person like to run kbuild 2.5 under
Cygwin or other build platforms?

Changes from common-2.4.18-2 to common-2.4.18-3.

Yet more aic7xxx problems :(
Documentation updates.
Correct fencepost error in scripts/tkparse.

Changes from common-2.4.19-pre6-1 to common-2.4.19-pre6-2.

As for common-2.4.18-2 -> 3.

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