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SubjectRe: PROMBLEM: CD burning at 16x uses excessive CPU, although DMA is enabled
On Tue, 09 Apr 2002, Andre Hedrick wrote:

> This is because there are not a proper and correct state diagram data
> handler set for ATAPI, period. Initially the driver evolved out of PIO
> calls to the PACKET_COMMAND opcode for the ATA command set. Since there
> has been zero updates/attempts to create a proper ATAPI/ASPI by anyone,
> you can expect PIO transactions.
> Who knows once I finally have taskfile completed and the kernel fixed to
> not violate the basics of hardware atomic for storage devices, I may fix
> all of the atapi/aspi transport. It is a real mess to grunt through all
> the docs. However, I suspect I could get some help (co-author a
> standard's proposal) with the original author to outline and create a 500+
> page techincal referrence guide. So if there are any companies want to
> fund such an adventure, please let me know off-line.
> Understand that only in PIO can you be sure of how much data you could get
> from a device, argh it still s a pig in a poke.

How about Andrew Morton's akpm-ide patch?

Matthias Andree
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