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SubjectKernel Bug or XFree Bug?


Having gotten my SiS300 running with DRM, whenever
I run a program requiring an OpenGL, mulitiple
scrambled copies of the program's screen are
then present on the screen below the second damper
wire on my monitor (I have attached a copy of what
it looks like if anyone is interested).a

Nothing crashes when this happens and can be
rectified by resetting the window manager.

Memory isn't a problem with over 100M free.

I don't know if this is a problem with the SiS
support in the kernel or an XFree86 problem.

Any help would be appreciated and apologies
if this isn't a kernel problem.


* Brett Nuske *
* 3nd Year B.APP.SCI.(Computer Science) *
* COSC1082/CS118 Tutor *
* City Helpdesk Staff (Computer Science) *
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