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SubjectRe: Ramdisks and tmpfs problems
On 9 April 2002 16:46, Geoffrey Gallaway wrote:
> I am attempting to create a central NFS server with a single slackware 8
> installation that many boxes can use as their root disks. I got bootp
> kernel level autoconfiguration working and the test box sucessfully mounts
> the root (/) NFS share. I'm using floppy disks with kernels on diskless
> machines.

Hi there! I've done this. I'm sitting on one of such diskless boxen now.
(actually, it has 2 disks, one is a 1.2G IDE turned into "diskette"
for home <-> work data transfer, other is *ugh* an NT installation).

> The problem occurs for /var, /tmp and /etc. Because each machine will need
> it's own /var, /tmp and /etc I've been trying to create a ramdisk or tmpfs
> filesystem for those partitions on each box. I've been using the system
> initialization scripts to setup these directories and dynamically rewrite
> important files (HOSTNAME, etc) in /etc.

Looks like stuff for Al Viro. Consider mailing him with a report
(kernel/GCC version, symptoms etc).

> mount -w -n -t tmpfs -o defaults tmpfs /mnt
> cp -axf /etc /mnt
> mount -w -t tmpfs -o defaults tmpfs /etc
> cp -axf /mnt/etc/* /etc/
> umount /mnt
> # -- Reapeat for /var and /tmp --

Erm... just make a /etc_template, and you'll eliminate one cp.
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