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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Futex Generalization Patch
On 04/10/2002 at 02:47:50 PM AST, Hubertus Franke <>

> The current interface is
> (A)
> async wait:
> sys_futex (uaddr, FUTEX_AWAIT, value, (struct timespec*) sig);
> upon signal handling
> sys_futex(uaddrs[], FUTEX_WAIT, size, NULL);
> to retrieve the uaddrs that got woken up...

This is actually the preferred way. I must've misinterpeted what you said
earlier. I believe this is actually a more generic way of handling. A
thread package can specify the signal to used much in the way the current
LinuxThreads pre-allocates and uses certain real-time signals...

> I am mainly concerned that SIGIO can be overloaded in a thread package ?
> How would you know whether a SIGIO came from the futex or from other file

> handle.

By keep with the original interface, we don't have to contend with this
problem. The thread package can use the signal that most suits its'

Make sense?

Bill Abt
Senior Software Engineer
Next Generation POSIX Threading for Linux
IBM Cambridge, MA, USA 02142
Ext: +(00)1 617-693-1591
T/L: 693-1591 (M/W/F)
T/L: 253-9938 (T/Th/Eves.)
Cell: +(00)1 617-803-7514 or

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