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SubjectRe: ReiserFS Bug Fixes 3 of 6 (Please apply all 6)
James Simmons <> writes:

>> > Another model you might consider, one which would probably make you
>> > more money, make us happier, and better avoid "freeloaders", would be
>> > to make bitkeeper free for use with free software only. This would be
>> > rather similar to what I use for reiserfs, which is free for use with
>> > free operating systems only,
>> Really? I thought ReiserFS was released under the GPL. Is this no
>> longer the case?
> Because something is GPL doesn't mean it is free dollar wise. GPL is free
> as in free speech not free beer.

That's not my point. Of course you can charge for GPLed software, or,
as the copyright holder, offer different licensing options for a fee.

However, if you release software under the GPL, you do not prevent
people from using it on proprietary operating systems.

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