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SubjectRe: [prepatch] address_space-based writeback
At 22:44 10/04/02, Andrew Morton wrote:
>When a page is marked dirty, the path which is followed
>is page->mapping->host->i_sb. So in this case the page will
>be attached to its page->mapping.dirty_pages, and
>page->mapping->host will be attached to page->mapping->host->i_sb.s_dirty
>This is as it always was - I didn't change any of this.

Um, NTFS uses address spaces for things where ->host is not an inode at all
so doing host->i_sb will give you god knows what but certainly not a super

As long as your patches don't break that is possible to have I am happy...
But from what you are saying above I have a bad feeling you are somehow
assuming that a mapping's host is an inode...


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