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SubjectRe: [patch-2.5.8-pre] swapinfo accounting
"Randy.Dunlap" wrote:
> It looks to me like mm/swapfile.c::si_swapinfo()
> shouldn't be adding nr_to_be_unused to total_swap_pages
> or nr_swap_pages for return in val->freeswap and
> val->totalswap.

whee, an si_swapinfo() maintainer.

Your function sucks :) I'm spending 15 CPU-seconds
in there during a kernel build. The problem appears
to be that a fix from 2.4 hasn't been propagated

2.4 has:

if (swap_info[i].flags != SWP_USED)

and 2.5 has:

if (!(swap_info[i].flags & SWP_USED))

and I think the 2.4 version will fix the accounting
problem you're seeing?

(I haven't checked whather it's the _right_ fix, but
it looks like it'll make it go away?)

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