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SubjectRe: Cannot compile mandrake 8.2 Kernel

Ah. I am using gcc 2.96-76. I think that may be the cause of my
problems? You are right, of course, this isn't the right place to ask
this question. I crossposted this on their mailing list as well, but
since i noticed one guy in here on April 4 also had this exact same
problem, I thought he or someone else might have encountered this and
solved it...

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, David Relson wrote:

> At 03:10 PM 4/10/02, Calin A. Culianu wrote:
> >The stupid mandrake 8.2 kernel (2.4.18-mdk6) won't compile. I know,
> >mandrake is kind of a newbie distro, but I needed to mess with that kernel
> >for some reason (don't ask).
> >
> >Anyway it gets errors like the following then you do make modules. I
> >notices someone else also had the exact same problem.. also below is
> >preprocessor output from that compile... I think the problem is due to
> >some of the exported kernel symbols containing parens...:
> Calin,
> I think the proper place for this query is the Mandrake Expert mailing
> list, which can be subscribed to at
> Mandrake has been around for several years and I've used their distribution
> (and often their kernels) since Mandrake 7.0. I think it's incorrect to
> blame their "newness".
> What gcc are you running? gcc-3.0.4 has worked fine for me in building
> 2.4.18 kernels on 8.2.
> David

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