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SubjectRe: 0(1)-patch, where did it go?

On 2002.04.10 Martin J. Bligh wrote:
>> You can get an up-to-date version in the 2.4.19-pre6-jam1 patcset in
>Do you have a version of this broken out as a seperate patch
>anywhere? There seem to have been updates to the O(1) scheduler
>in 2.5 since the K3 version of the scheduler, but I've not seen
>any new version of the 2.4 version of the patch ...

The patch in that location is split in pieces, but it patches on top of
all the previous patches in the set. I could make it patch cleanly on
plain 2.4.19-pre6, but if there have been changes in the O1 scheduler
it would be better that Ingo backported them to 2.4 if he has the

J.A. Magallon # Let the source be with you...
Mandrake Linux release 8.3 (Cooker) for i586
Linux werewolf 2.4.19-pre6-jam1 #1 SMP Sun Apr 7 00:50:05 CEST 2002 i686
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