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SubjectRe: Tyan S2462 reboot problems
Hercules 4500 (Kyro II).  I run the Vesa drivers, as I don't run any of the
distro's that have beta drivers, and I do have video corruption occasionally,
but not very often (and never in Windows).


On Wed, 10 Apr 2002 12:21:03 -0400
"Nicholas Berry" <> wrote:

> What display adapter are you using? BIOS's earlier than 1.04 screwed up
royally with ATI Radeon 8500/7500 cards - actually, so does 1.04, but not as
much. I've also noticed that Radeon + Adaptec 39160 corrupts video where
without the Adaptec it doesn't. Strange.>
> Nik
> (This is on the 2460, not 2462)
> >>> Daniel Gryniewicz <> 04/09/02 04:14PM >>>
> > Hi.
> > No, I doubt this has anything to do with Linux. I have a S2460 (which
his> > corrected post says he has), which does not power down under linux, and
> > *never* warm boots cleanly. It does power down under windows, so I assume
> > ACPI powerdown works and APM does not. I have gone under the assumption
that> > a BIOS upgrade will fix this, but that involves putting a floppy into
the box,> > so I haven't done it yet. The warm boot problems consist of
either a hang> > after POST (but before bootloader, OS irrelevent), or really
bad video> > corruption. I don't know if it boot with the video corruption,
I've never let> > it try.
> > Daniel

Recursion n.:
See Recursion.
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