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Subject[STATUS] Spring cleanup
These four items have been marked as Ready or Pending for a while and yet nothing 
has happened for the last 2 months so I'm planning to change their status in the
next status update.
Comments? Objections?

-- Guillaume

o Ready Add hardware sensors drivers (lm_sensors team)
--> Mark as Beta? Reason: not in sync with latest kernel and problems with IBM Thinkpads

o Ready New kernel config system: CML2 (Eric Raymond)
--> Mark as Beta? Reason: needs to be broken up in chunks before inclusion

o Ready Read-Copy Update Mutual Exclusion (Dipankar Sarma, Rusty Russell, Andrea Arcangeli, LSE
--> Mark as Beta? Reason: patch exists against 2.5.7, but not sure if it needs more work
before inclusion or there is objection from Linus?

o Pending Finalize new device naming convention (Linus Torvalds)
--> ??? I am not sure what is going on here -- it seems Linus is waiting for someone to step up and
submit a patch following the new device naming convention he vaguely outlined a while back?

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