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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Futex Generalization Patch
On 04/10/2002 at 12:37:53 PM AST, Hubertus Franke <>
> Can somebody in the thread world weight in what there preferred mechanism
> regarding limits etc. Do you need to control the issue on how the signal
> delivered? Is a file descriptor good enough or you want a sys_call
interface ?

I went thru the POSIX specification and couldn't find any specified limits
regarding this and in most cases these limits are enforced at the library
level. It probably should be left up to the kernel folks to determine the
kernel limits they can live with. The library can adapt to this value. I
don't believe a pthread library would need any "extra" control of how the
signal is delivered. A file descriptor is good enough, seems a waste to
have to provide a sys_call interface.

Bill Abt
Senior Software Engineer
Next Generation POSIX Threading for Linux
IBM Cambridge, MA, USA 02142
Ext: +(00)1 617-693-1591
T/L: 693-1591 (M/W/F)
T/L: 253-9938 (T/Th/Eves.)
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