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SubjectRe: kbdbook.tmpl wrote:
> Spent the past hour or two documenting the keyboard ioctls.


> Comments are welcome, both about the factual contents
> and about the style and layout. The idea is to eventually
> have all ioctls documented.

Minor nit, but if this is headed for Documentation/ioctl/* or similar,
maybe we can avoid having N copies of the usual GPL boiler plate; one
copy vs. one in each of kbd_ioctl, tty_ioctl, blk_ioctl, etc etc ?

> This "cooked" mode comes in two flavours: <constant>K_XLATE</constant>,
> which is the default, and <constant>K_UNICODE</constant> (see below).
+ See also kbd_mode(1).

I see you haven't added info on all of the KD* ioctl entries - some of
which I agree aren't really kbd related (e.g. KDMKTONE) - did you forsee
putting these in another file, perhaps with the other vt ioctls?

main(){int m=19248;if(!fork())for(;;ioctl(0,m,(1<<23)+(rand()&2047)),ioctl
(0,m+2,rand()&7),sleep(1));}/* Hours of entertainment on Linux Console! */

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