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SubjectRe: Linux needs new leadership.
Linus Torvalds wrote:

Dearest Linus,

Coming from one who was at the top of the food chain at Novell, and
abandoned it, I will tell you that a day will come when you wish you
hadn't taken this step. If you leave it, and try to come back, it will
never be the same. After all, it's the journey that is it's own reward,
not the end game. You are a winner, BTW, whatever path you choose to

If you are hell-bent on this path, I nominate Alan Cox. He's not
perfect, but he's smart, tough, and has an excellent leadership skills
and vision..

U-na-le-nv-hi U-da-do-li-s-di (May the creator bless your steps and
watch over you)

Do-na-da Go-hv-i (See you around, brother)

Wa-do (Thanks)

Wa-ya Ge-tlv-hv-s-di (Jeff V. Merkey)


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