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SubjectRe: 2.4.18 highmem smp freeze

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Thomas Michael Wanka wrote:

> Hi,
> here are some people (including me) with smp and more than 1GB Ram
> (most Serverworks chipsets, have not jet seen it with AMDs MPX) where
> after some time (from hours to weeks probably load dependent) it
> seems there is nothing written to disk anymore and in the end the
> system completely freezes. This with several 2.4.x kernels (2.4.4,
> 2.4.10, 2.4.16, 2.4.17 and 2.4.18).
> I think this has been discussed here, but I am too stupid to
> understand it and/or find the solution.
> I browsed the archives of the last year, and I think it was suggested
> to use 2.4.17rc2aa1 or aa2. Is this correct and will it solve the
> problem (IIRC there was no success message)? Will the later 2.2
> kernels show this behavior too (like 2.2.20)?

The ServerWorks chipsets are problematic. Use the "noapic" boot option.

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