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    SubjectRe: LFS support for smbfs in 2.5, and other improvements
    On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Mike Fedyk wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I noticed that LFS support has made it into 2.5, but it's not on the status
    > list (
    > IIRC there were some plans to add oplock support to smbfs (newbie alert:
    > linux smb client, oplocks are already in samba server). Maybe that should
    > be tracked on the status too.

    Using the terminology from the status page I guess this could be the smbfs

    Alpha smbfs: I/O rewrite, smbiod
    Alpha smbfs: Fcntl locking + smb oplock support
    Alpha smbfs: smbconnect for better fstab integration
    Planning smbfs: Readahead support (async readpage/writepage)
    Planning smbfs: Read/Write request merging

    But won't the list become very long if every little driver included all
    the planned changes? Not my problem I guess ...

    Also I don't know if any of this will be ready to be merged within the 6
    month limit mentioned in one of the early announcements.

    Regarding the updated statuspage, it isn't the "Samba filesystem", it is
    the SMB filesystem (usually smbfs, SMBFS, SMBfs and possibly other


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