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SubjectRe: 2.4.18-rc4-aa1 XFS oopses caused by cpio
Svetoslav Slavtchev wrote:

>that's what i got
>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address
>*pde = 00000000
>Oops: 0000
>CPU: 0
>EIP: 0010:[<801dba4e>] Not tainted
>Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
>EFLAGS: 00010046
>eax: 00000120 ebx: 00000000 ecx: 00000282 edx: 00000000
>esi: 8b745a00 edi: 00000008 ebp: 9aa92000 esp: 9ca31904
>ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
>Process cpio (pid: 20435, stackpage=9ca31000)
>Stack: 00000282 00000004 8d5f4200 88dc0248 8d65b8c0 801db30d 88dc0248
> 00000004 00000001 8d65b980 8d65b8c0 00000004 88dc0248 801db081
> 8d65b980 8d65b8c0 00000004 8d65ba40 00000000 00000004 00000004
>Call Trace: [<801db30d>] [<801db081>] [<801db674>] [<8022db0d>]
> [<8023bc4d>] [<8022dd94>] [<801db3a2>] [<8022e747>] [<80222538>]
> [<8021d4b9>] [<80212496>] [<8020f959>] [<802236ac>] [<802299f5>]
> [<80234f0e>] [<801d83bd>] [<80220981>] [<8020e103>] [<8022341a>]
> [<80227c17>] [<80235098>] [<80235348>] [<80145966>] [<80145a52>]
>Code: 8b 4a 08 85 c9 74 1b 8d 74 26 00 8d bc 27 00 00 00 00 43 83
>>>EIP; 801dba4e <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+3e/d0> <=====
>Trace; 801db30c <xfs_alloc_put_freelist+cc/e0>
>Trace; 801db080 <xfs_alloc_fix_freelist+430/480>
>Trace; 801db674 <xfs_alloc_vextent+124/3c0>
>Trace; 8022db0c <_pagebuf_get_object+3c/140>
>Trace; 80209988 <xfs_ialloc_ag_alloc+1d8/810>
>Trace; 8023bc4c <kmem_zone_zalloc+3c/e0>
>Trace; 8022dd94 <_pagebuf_free_object+f4/120>
>Trace; 801db3a2 <xfs_alloc_read_agf+82/230>
>Trace; 8022e746 <pagebuf_rele+66/80>
>Trace; 80222538 <xfs_trans_brelse+d8/e0>
>Trace; 8020a412 <xfs_dialloc+182/900>
>Trace; 8021d4b8 <xfs_mod_incore_sb_batch+48/a0>
>Trace; 80212496 <xfs_inode_item_unlock+76/80>
>Trace; 8020f958 <xfs_ialloc+58/3e0>
>Trace; 802236ac <xfs_dir_ialloc+8c/290>
>Trace; 802299f4 <xfs_mkdir+374/640>
>Trace; 80222f70 <xfs_trans_free_items+30/90>
>Trace; 80234f0e <linvfs_common_cr+1ae/2b0>
>Trace; 801d83bc <xfs_acl_iaccess+2c/90>
>Trace; 80220980 <xfs_trans_reserve+90/160>
>Trace; 8020e102 <xfs_iunlock+32/60>
>Trace; 8022341a <xfs_dir_lookup_int+ba/2c0>
>Trace; 8020e102 <xfs_iunlock+32/60>
>Trace; 80227c16 <xfs_lookup+a6/110>
>Trace; 80235098 <linvfs_lookup+68/c0>
>Trace; 80235348 <linvfs_mkdir+18/20>
>Trace; 80145966 <vfs_mkdir+106/160>
>Trace; 80145a52 <sys_mkdir+92/e0>
>Trace; 8010722a <system_call+32/38>
>Code; 801dba4e <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+3e/d0>
>00000000 <_EIP>:
>Code; 801dba4e <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+3e/d0> <=====
> 0: 8b 4a 08 mov 0x8(%edx),%ecx <=====
>Code; 801dba50 <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+40/d0>
> 3: 85 c9 test %ecx,%ecx
>Code; 801dba52 <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+42/d0>
> 5: 74 1b je 22 <_EIP+0x22> 801dba70
>Code; 801dba54 <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+44/d0>
> 7: 8d 74 26 00 lea 0x0(%esi,1),%esi
>Code; 801dba58 <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+48/d0>
> b: 8d bc 27 00 00 00 00 lea 0x0(%edi,1),%edi
>Code; 801dba60 <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+50/d0>
> 12: 43 inc %ebx
>Code; 801dba60 <xfs_alloc_mark_busy+50/d0>
> 13: 83 00 00 addl $0x0,(%eax)

This is this chunk of code:

for (bsy = mp->m_perag[agno].pagb_list, n = 0;
c01970e2: 31 db xor %ebx,%ebx
c01970e4: 8b b5 e4 01 00 00 mov 0x1e4(%ebp),%esi
c01970ea: 8b 54 06 20 mov 0x20(%esi,%eax,1),%edx
bsy++, n++) {
if (bsy->busy_tp == NULL) {
c01970ee: 8b 4a 08 mov 0x8(%edx),%ecx

It looks like bsy is NULL, which means either a corruption problem (agno
too large),
or a memory allocation problem during mount - did you get any error
messages when
you mounted the filesystem? Had you performed much I/O before this
happened, or
was the cpio the first thing you did. If this structure is missing then
chances are you
would not get far before dying. We have already referenced other fields
in the m_perag[agno]
structure, so I lean towards pagb_list itself being NULL.

Can you send me the output of mkfs if you still have it, or failing
that, the output
of xfs_growfs -n /xxx where /xxx is the mounted filesystem.

This chunk of code is new, you may have found a hole in it - although I
have been running
it for a couple of months here without problem. It could also be
something specific to
the aa kernel, I have not looked at this merge of XFS.


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