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SubjectRe: furwocks: Fast Userspace Read/Write Locks
Rusty Russell wrote:

> In message <> you write:
>>On Thursday 07 March 2002 07:50 am, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
>>>Rusty Russell wrote:
>>>>This is a userspace implementation of rwlocks on top of futexes.
>>>question: if rwlocks aren't actually slower in the fast path than
>>>would it make sense to only do the rw variant and in some userspace
>>>map "traditional" semaphores to write locks ?
>>>Saves half the implementation and testing....
>>I m not in favor of that. The dominant lock will be mutexes.
> To clarify: I'd love this, but rwlocks in the kernel aren't even
> vaguely fair. With a steady stream of overlapping readers, a writer
> will never get the lock.
> Hope that clarifies,

But you talk about the current implementation, don't you?
Is there something to prevent an implementation of rwlocks in the
kernel, where a wrlock will lock (postponed) further rdlock requests?

I mean: the wrlocker prevents newly rdlocks to succeed and waits for the
current rdlockers to release the lock an then gets the lock..

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