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SubjectPnP BIOS driver status
A couple people have asked me about the status of the 
PnP BIOS driver, so I thought I'd post an update.

History: During the pre-Tosatti 2.4-ac series the driver was
hammered into a reliable form. However it never entered the
mainline kernel series.

The driver was then stripped down to the core functionality
required to make the lspnp and setpnp utilities work.
pnpbios_register_driver() and pnpbios_unregister_driver() are
still there but aren't used by anything. Additional /proc/
interface files were then added to allow reading of ESCD info.

The latest version of the driver seems nice 'n' stable and can
be found in Alan's latest 2.4 patches.

Current 2.5 kernels also contain the driver, but it's a bit out
of date. There's a patch in 2.5-dj but that's also out of date.
("Out of date" here means "missing new features and some
cleanups".) Once DJ releases a 2.5.6-dj I'll send him a patch
to bring his tree up to date. Then he can pass it on to Linus.

Thomas Hood

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