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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Rework of /proc/stat
In article <> you wrote:
>> Any reason for preferring this over the sard patches in -ac ?
> Basically, statistic data are moved from the global kstat structure

Why do you think sard uses kstat?

> to
> the request_queue structures, and it is allocated/freed when the request
> queue is initialized and freed. This way it is

> 1)self-controlled;
> 2)avoid the lookup step before the accounting, so it should be faster;

in 2.4.18+ get_gendisk is O(1) - the lookup is not costly at all.

> 3)statistics implementation is not affected by the major/minor numbers;

Gendisks currently are per-major, which is a disadvantage, but the sard
code itself is not affected by that.

> 4)able to gathering statistics for all disks while keep the memory needs
> minimized.

The same is true for sard.

Somehow I think you haven't actually looked at the sard code in -ac..

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