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Subjectmkdep.c error under Mandrake8.1-2.4.8
Hi there,

I'm a newbie on Linux and just try to setup my Viking
56K PCI modem under Mandrake8.1(kernel-2.4.8-26mdk).

I downloaded kernel source files(linux-2.4.8.tar.gz)
two days ago from and installed it
under '/usr/src' to construct the '/usr/src/linux '

I applied 'make menuconfig' under '/usr/src/linux '
since the kernel configuration file is under '/boot'

Then after 'make dep', I got following error msg,

scripts/mkdep.c In function 'add_path'
scripts/mkdep.c:221 'PATH_MAX' undeclared(first use in
this function)
scripts/mkdep.c:221 size of array 'resolved_path' has
non-interger type

The mkdep.c is under /usr/src/linux/scripts, 13.2kb
I think the problem might be, at the line 221, the
program uses "PATH_MAX" without definition.

I know little about C++ and Linux, so could someone
tell me how to resovle this problem?



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