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SubjectRe: Kernel SCM: When does CVS fall down where it REALLY matters?
Rik van Riel wrote:

>On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Jonathan A. George wrote:
>>I am considering adding some enhancements to CVS to address deficiencies
>>which adversely affect my productivity.
>>... I would like to know what the Bitkeeper users consider the minimum
>>acceptable set of improvements that CVS would require for broader
>1) working merges
Can you be more specific?

>2) atomic checkins of entire patches, fast tags
I was thinking about something like automatically tagged globally
descrete patch sets. It would then be fairly simple to create a tool
that simply scanned, merged, and checked in that patch as a set. Is
something like this what you have in mind?

>3) graphical 2-way merging tool like bitkeeper has
> (this might not seem essential to people who have
> never used it, but it has saved me many many hours)
Would having something like VIM or Emacs display a patch diff with
providing keystroke level merge and unmerge get toward helpful for
something like this, or is the need too complex to address that way?

>4) distributed repositories
Can you be more specific? (i.e. are you looking for merging,
syncronization, or copies? In other words what do you need that CVS +
rsync are unacceptable for?)

>5) ability to exchange changesets by email
That's a good one, and shouldn't be too bad if you like what I said for #2



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