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SubjectRE: [PATCH] serial.c procfs kudzu - discussion
Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Ed Vance ( said:
> > 4. Should a bug be turned in against kudzu for the weak parser?
>Absolutely. When did the serial change go in?

Hi Bill,

This is not the result of a recent change to the serial driver. I don't
know how far back this bug goes, but I suspect it is as old as the proc
fs serial support.

The recent event was me adding memory mapped support for a couple of
CompactPCI serial mux cards. Apparently everyone else on the planet
uses I/O space (or just did not report it) and the driver/kudzu
combination works fine with serial cards in I/O space.

Do you want me to go ahead and put it into bugzilla?

BTW, I have attached the procfs data produced with and without the
driver bug.

Best regards,
Ed Vance

Ed Vance
Macrolink, Inc. 1500 N. Kellogg Dr Anaheim, CA 92807

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