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SubjectRe: Petition Against Official Endorsement of BitKeeper by Linux Maintainers
Cort Dougan wrote:
> We're here to discuss kernel development, right? Not debate software
> ideologies.

Not entirely, no. This discussion is touching on the reasons for
people (ie: manpower) being here. Also on toolchain suitability
and release practices, etc. Also upon how bk and non-bk developers
interwork. That's not a bad thing.

> I move the PPC tree over to BitKeeper and it was worthwhile. I made
> rsync updates and plain old 'diff' patches against Linus' tree available
> nightly. It was easy and very quick to do that, I had it running for
> nearly 2 years very well. In fact, you can still grab the patches from
> What is your problem with BK
> apart from the license religion? Linus has made it clear he'll provide
> patches in the same old style. I don't see what you think you lose here.
> The gain for people who ship him patches is well worth it. Before I handed
> the PPC tree over to Paul I would have killed to get Linus to use BK so
> shipping him patches would be easier for everyone involved. If I were
> still a maintainer my response would be a lot less mild to those people
> that fight against BK on something so intangible as "feelings" about the
> license. I put in a lot of hours shipping patches that were for nothing,
> BK is helping avoid that for the current crew.

Oh I'm sure bitkeeper is excellent.

When you use the term "license religion", you are in fact saying "If
someone has philosophical objections then those people are irrational
zealots and their objections and philosophical beliefs are baseless".
That's not very respectful...

> Seriously, what is your problem with BK? What do you feel that you lose?

I've said about, uh, three times now that I'm not losing anything.

Problem? Well partly I just can't be assed to use the thing because
I'm comfortable with my own scripts and all revision control systems
just get in your face and suck. But also because I'm here to improve
the body of public software, and at the end of the day, any support
which I put into bitkeeper won't help there. (using == supporting).

So. Summary: keep the prepatches rolling. And lighten up on the
perjoratives - they are unbecoming.

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