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SubjectRe: Problem with 3c905B nic
On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Denis Vlasenko wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a NFS client which was connected to the server directly
> by crossover cable. 100mbit Enternet was working as expected
> (~10mbytes/sec peak). Recently I had to move to different
> location and now I'm connected to the same server through
> stack of four HP ProCurve 4000M switches.
> Now I'm getting ~2mbytes/sec peak.

Can you verify your negotiated link status?

> Since I boot from network I have NIC drivers compiled in,
> tried to instruct 3c59x.c to be more verbose with
> ether=0,0,0x8200,eth0 with no success... why?

Out of interest, where does 0x8200 come from?

> I put debug printk in the source, it does not print:
> if (dev->mem_start) {
> /*
> * The 'options' param is passed in as the third arg to the
> * LILO 'ether=' argument for non-modular use
> */
> option = dev->mem_start;
> ===> printk(KERN_DEBUG "VDA: ether=xx,xx,0x%08x,xxx\n",dev->mem_start);
> }
> Ok, I have recompiled drivers/net/3c59x.c with vortex_debug=4
> set manually and now I see I'm having problems.
> Do someone know what's up here?

Could you elaborate more on which particular problem you're having. This
looks like a mixed bag.


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