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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.6-pre2 IDE cleanup 16
Alan Cox wrote:
>>No quite my plan is:
>>1. Rip it off.
>>2. Reimplement stuff if and only if someone really shows pressure
>>for using it.
>>The "command parsing" excess is certainly going to go.
> Its maybe handy actually. Without command parsing I can tell the drive to
> do anything without good control - you know say like all the upcoming SSSCA
> encrypt chunks of your harddisk so you can never get them back stuff.
> The important bit is that for each command you must know the sequence of
> phases. Get it wrong and your storage system goes off to visit undefined
> states. I don't like my disks in undefined states because it tends to leave
> them with undefined content.
> Two things I do think wants considering
> #1 Can the same thing be done by passing the command and sequence of
> transitions from user space (scsi generic takes that approach but
> scsi is a little more forgiving since the bogus transition will
> screw your command in a "oh whoops" detectable manner). IDE
> has a nice habit of explaining you screwed up by scribbling on
> the disk and/or locking solid
> #2 Shoot all the little routines and make them into a table.
> That would tidy it no end.

I will just try the aproach 2 first.

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