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SubjectRe: SSSCA: We're in trouble now
On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 09:47:24AM -0800, Jurgen Botz wrote:
> Thomas Hood wrote:
> > The problem is that copy-protection will only be effective
> > if you impose Soviet style restrictions on the use of computers.
> >
> > Certain powerful corporations want effective copy-protection.
> > Ergo, those powerful corporations will want to impose Soviet
> > style restrictions on the use of computers.
> I think Thomas is absolutely right about this, and for now it would
> seem likely that this will eventually fail if for no other reason
> than that many other powerful corporations, who have little direct
> interest in consumer media content protection, would find such Soviet
> style restrictions an extreme inconvenience. Powerful as the media
> companies may be, ultimately they are still small compared to oil,
> finance, or the heavy industries.

I think you're wrong about that.

Just about every company big enough to have a corporate lawyer, and
many even smaller do have "media" they need or want to track and

They'd really like it if they could track or control who opens what
files, etc.

Inconvience is merely a cost of doing business, so they charge a
little more, whatever. As long as everybody else in that market is
facing the same constraints (which gives a clear way to strike at
the heart of this problem) that is ok.

It's a lot like other government mandates relating to paperwork,
hazardous materials fees--the company I work for , basically a web
site, has to pay a "lead fee" of some kind every year because our
industry has been identified as a possible problem. There are
thousands of other little things we have to pay fees to the governments
for, or prove compliance on for Human Resources etc. This is ok for the
business people (well, generally) since everyone else has to do it as
well. It hurst smaller companies more than larger companies, since
it takes a greater percentage of their resources to demonstrate
compliance, but that doesn't bother either the Big Companies or the
politicians much.

Share and Enjoy.
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