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SubjectRe: [STATUS 2.5] March 6, 2002
On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 12:07:14PM -0800, James Simmons wrote:
> As for the framebuffer stuff that can also be synced for the most part.
> At present I'm working on new soft accels to replace that fbcon-cfb* mess.
> The one thing missing is a universal cursor api. I purposed one but
> nothing happened. Its not urgent yet anyways.
If this stuff is being cleaned up, I still have a large chunk of fixes locally
in my tree that need to be pushed up to linuxconsole CVS. Is the linuxconsole
stuff going to be synced up all at once, or is still going to be progressive?
If it's progressive, I'd still like to get my stuff cleaned up before pushing
it into CVS..


Paul Mundt <>

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