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    SubjectRe: a faster way to gettimeofday?
    >>>>> "dean" == dean gaudet <> writes:

    dean> ingo started the proper work for this, for example, see:
    dean> <>
    dean> (there's a documentation file near the bottom of the patch)
    dean> but it doesn't appear to support gettimeofday via rdtsc yet.

    Interesting patch; when last I looked, vsyscalls were only being
    implemented on the new 64-bit architectures.

    Does this patch break binary compatibility? I seem to recall that being
    Andrea's reason for not running vsyscalls on standard x86 back in August
    last year.

    - Chris.
    $a=""; Chris Ball | chris@void.$a | www.$a | finger: chris@$a
    "In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded."

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