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SubjectRe: xmms segfaulting on 2.4.18 and 2.4.19-pre2-ac2 + oops
On Wed, 06 Mar 2002 16:35:29 +0100, 
Vincent Bernat <> wrote:
>EIP: 0010:[3c59x:__insmod_3c59x_S.bss_L40+828820/101914768] Not tainted
>Call Trace: [3c59x:__insmod_3c59x_S.bss_L40+829092/101914496] [3c59x:__insmod_3c59x_S.bss_L40+828820/101914768] [3c59x:__insmod_3c59x_S.bss_L40+829678/101913910] [3c59x:__insmod_3c59x_S.bss_L40+817016/101926572] [3c59x:__insmod_3c59x_S.bss_L40+802037/101941551]
>I can't use the sound card any more (already used). xmms wasn't using
>the network. I didn't do a ksymoops on the another oops but it was
>located on 3c59x too.

The oops is not in 3c59x. You are letting klogd convert the oops and
klogd has been broken for years. <rant>Why do distributors insist on
shipping such broken code?</rant>. Always run klogd with the -x flag
to keep its sticky fingers off the oops then you can get clean data for
ksymoops to decode.

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