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SubjectRe: SSSCA: We're in trouble now
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Just about every company big enough to have a corporate lawyer, and
> > many even smaller do have "media" they need or want to track and
> > control.
> One thing the SSSCA people must consider here is security impact. If a
> document can be traced through its users then the ability of agencies to
> work against organised crime will be crippled. The SSSCA appears to have no
> provision to allow the FBI to remove watermarks, and makes it illegalf or
> other people to be subcontracted to write the tools
> Goodbye corporate whistleblowers, goodbye FBI plants in organised crime
> bodies..

Oh, but the FBI and DoJ appear to be excellent at breaking laws and
making people, including the courts, believe they are completely within
the law. According to many reports, there are hundreds of people being
"detained" for undetermined amounts of time under the new anti-terroriam
bills, without legal counsel, by both the FBI and DoJ. This is blatantly
illegal and unconstitutional, but they are doing it anyway.

The DMCA makes it illegal for them to do certain things, but they do.
The way the NSA reportedly listens to ALL communication, domestic or
foreign, is illegal. Do not discount the ability of the FBI or any other
law enforcement agency to work around any law as they see the need.

Paul G. Allen
Owner, Sr. Engineer, Security Specialist
Random Logic/Dream Park
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