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Subject[BETA-0.95] Sixth test release of Tigon3 driver

0.94 turned out to be the "not quite Ginseng" release, but lets try to
rectify that :-)

This is the "praying for powder snow up in Tahoe" release, or TAHOE
for short. Get it at:

[FIX] If we have to check the MAC_STAT register for link changes,
do not do it from interrupts. Do it from a timer instead.
Hey maybe the Dell onboard Tigon3 problems are fixed for real
now. :-)
[FIX] Off by one error in tg3_alloc_rx_skb() can lead to OOPS on
[FIX] 5700 chip interrupt status reporting protocol is racey,
work around it.
[DEBUG] Add assertions to TX ring processing.
[NICETY] When link comes up, report negotiated flow control settings.
[FEATURE] Adaptive RX coalescing.
[FEATURE] Improved DMA bursting settings, major performance
improvement especially on non-x86 platforms (in particular
Alpha and Sparc64 should get 10MB/sec extra bandwidth out of
[DOC] Add entry for CONFIG_TIGON3

I'm really really really really really (NO, I MEAN REALLY) interested
in performance comparisons of our 0.95 driver vs. Broadcom's stuff.

But, there is one special condition if you report benchmark numbers.
If our driver is faster _AND_ you are an _Australian_ in _Australia_,
you must send Jeff and I a case of Victoria Bitter for a job well
done. :-))))))

Note that this thing is to Marcelo very soon. So get testing!

Franks a lot,
David S. Miller
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