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SubjectRe: [BETA-0.95] Sixth test release of Tigon3 driver

--On Tuesday, March 5, 2002 3:30 PM +0100 Thomas Langås
<> wrote:

> David S. Miller:
>> Most gigabit switches don't support 9000 byte mtu :-)
> Hmm, I found a document through google; Cisco Catalyst 4006 doesn't
> support 9KB MTUs, so I'll contact the networking guys and fix this,
> we want switches that supports large MTUs :)

Good luck; they're fairly rare. From what I can tell, Cisco only
supports jumbo frames on the Catalyst 5000 and 6000 families. Extreme
supports them on at least a few models. The cheapest jumbo frame
switch that I could find is the Intel 480T, which is over $7,000.

After doing a bunch of benchmarking, for our hardware and workload,
jumbo frames don't really seem to help performance much anyway, so I
ended up getting a $1,300 Dell 5012 (10 10/100/1000, 2 GBIC) switch.

I've heard rumors that Asante will have a jumbo-capable switch in May
or so. Since they seem to OEM the same hardware that Dell does (for 3x
Dell's cost), I wouldn't be too suprised to see a $1,500 16-port gig
switch from Dell in a few months.

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