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Subject[OFF- TOPIC]Re: Petition Against Official Endorsement of BitKeeper by Linux Maintainers


The comments you responded to were someone else's attached to the
original post, but since you addressed me I'll respond. These
gentlemen were telling us what we should use and what we should think
about their views of open source. Those opinions are fine, but Alan
and other folks bascially said it is a matter of personal choice and
freedom. I'm sorry that we are advocates of freedom rather than
mindless lumps of clay you can twist to your will.

I have a lot of bugs to fix and code to get ready to post, and will not
respond to this thread beyond this post.


Kevin Brown wrote:

> I'm not terribly concerned about the issue at-hand,
> here, but I am motivated by the level of idiocy that's
> appearing in my inbox right now.
> > How do they have any business telling me what to
> advocate?
> > That doesn't sound like free speech nor free thought
> to me.
> I'm not sure free speech or free thought was at stake
> here, Jeffs; the topic
> was whether the use of bitkeeper compromised open
> source ideology. Colin
> (and certain members of the club) were voicing their
> concerns in a
> professional manner. Reducing that concern in an
> altruistic shriek against
> national socialism and your "violated freedoms" is a
> bit simple-minded.
> Your refusal to receive the petition in an
> argumentative way is indicative
> of *your* inability to exchange ideas.
> Mr. Merkey, I think you're better off continuing to
> hand your two cents over
> to Novell in the future.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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